From an idea, we created a new industry in our office of standardized designs made to innovate and establish a concept of architecture and quality of life. Our intention is to offer good ideas and great projects for a lower price, so that we find the Internet as a means to expand new horizons. We are an office with the aim of renewing the mold of current architecture, in the application of modern designs, the science and the richness of classical architecture in order to ensure the best use of space and offer users the convenience and integration with the environment. Rogério Lima, who is co-founder and creative director of Casas para Construir, together with his partner, co-founder and friend Renan Denandai, IT director, thought together to maintain an innovation, which we call "The future of the civil construction sector " But we do not stop there, our projects are receiving new updates every day. With the review and qualification of our clients they have a content to move towards our objectives. We select the best professionals, a team that dispenses praise and demand that each line a way to simplify and facilitate the understanding of projects with a critical vision, looking better and better. Our intention is to bring new plans and guarantees of well-being to our clients. Each new project some of us are inserted in the small details of a beautiful and well designed life plan as a facade can be only a presentation for some, but it is also the dream and the future of others. Today, our website and the office are a reference in the field of architecture, where, with our team, we have developed excellent projects for all regions of the country.

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