• Floor plan with a clean facade
  • Floor plan with a clean facade
  • Floor plan with a clean facade
  • Floor plan with a clean facade
  • Floor plan with a clean facade
  • Floor plan with a clean facade

Floor plan with a clean facade

Project code: 178A
U$ 645.00

Modern. Clean. Elegant. These are the main characteristics that define this project. Starting with the façade with straight, well-defined lines, we use simple stone cladding to give it an air of elegance. We opted for light colors, which contrast well with the vegetation on the façade. We also have a balcony, great to complement your design. Moving on to the layout of the project, the garage has space for one car, and an entrance to a hallway that gives access to the back of the house. The social area houses the entrance hall, which gives access to the living room and stairs to the second floor. The dining room is fully integrated into the kitchen, with access to the gourmet area through a glass door. All these environments create a synergy, promoting practicality and ease when cooking, entertaining friends, holding events and meetings. The swimming pool with a deck all around, complements the gourmet area, creating a perfect environment for the weekend. Going to the upper floor, we have a home office, which can become a TV or living room, having a perfect space for any of these environments. The two bedrooms have an interconnected balcony, overlooking the leisure area of ​​the house. And finally, we have the master suite, with dressing room and private bathroom, in addition to the balcony that is on the front of the house.

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Building area 211 square meters
Width of the house 6,50 metros
Length of the house 15,06 meters
Width of terrain 8 meters or greater
Length of terrain 25 meters or greater
Bedrooms 3
Suites 1
Bathrooms 3
Garage 1 vacancies
Frontal Retreat 4,84 meters
Background recoil 5,10 meters
Left indent 0 meters
Right indent 1,50 meters

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